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Travel Blog of the Day: Daily Travel Podcast

Features & Advice | Tom Bastek | July 02, 2015

Travel Blog of the Day: Daily Travel Podcast

The internet is laden with blogs about travel. You don’t have time to read them all, you have to figure out if you are truly going through a mid-life crisis. This column will allow you to sift through the schlock and get back to fancy car shopping! Check us out on Twitter at #travelblogoftheday.

This week, we are using our ears at Travel Blog of the Day with five great podcasts that are out there for you to listen to. Sometimes it is just easier for us to listen than to read whether in the car or on the train. So sit back, close your eyes (unless you are driving), and enjoy a podcast about travel this week.

Some of us need a push to get going in the morning. It may be a cup of coffee or a early jog or workout. Maybe you jam to tunes on the way to work. No matter how, you just like that little push to get you going. Today’s blogger/podcaster is doing just that, but not for the early morning push, for the push to travel. To inspire, to motivate, and as Boyle likes to say, be that shot of travel espresso that you may need to get off your duff and on a trip.

Daily Travel Podcast  

Nathaniel Boyle provides his own offbeat introduction: “I’m ... an explorer addicted to new things, travel optimist, and frequent flyer mile collector who’s circumnavigated the globe and been chased by dogs in only four different countries.”

He likes craft beer, well-crafted coffee, and street food. His goal is to get people out of their comfort zones and get them lost out there in the world; to make them explorers. So he started his podcast to help share his stories and the stories of other explorers in hopes of motivating you to get out there.

He has a whole section on his site about travel tips and hacks, and there are some darn good ideas in that section. His podcasts involve a group of 12-plus explorers who are well-known in travel blog circles. Some of Boyle's diverse podcasts include Deciphering Culture Through Food to Working on the Road.

They don’t publish every day but pretty darn close. I HIGHLY recommend you check it out. I can already feel the travel espresso pulsing through my veins. 


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