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Travel Dilemma Survey Answers, 'What Would You Do?'

Features & Advice | Tom Bastek | July 02, 2015

Travel Dilemma Survey Answers, 'What Would You Do?'

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Lately we have been bombarded with horrible traveler stories like, ”Disney Bans Scourge of Selfie Sticks at Theme Parks” and, “Group Arrested for Naked Picture on Malaysian Mountain.” Which has even sparked responses like, “An Open Letter To My Fellow Aircraft Passenger.” But what does America think? On this most patriotic of weekends, we give you the answer to the question, “In the face of travel disrespect, what would you do?”

Travel Leaders Group conducted this survey and asked travel dilemma questions of 3,371 consumers throughout the U.S. with surprising results. Here are some of the answers.

Selfie Sticks

The world became a worse place when the selfie stick went from cool GoPro videos to “Let me hold my phone ten feet from me for the BEST. SELFIE. EVER.” That being said, when respondents were asked, “If you knew it was prohibited and you saw another tourist taking photos with a selfie stick, what would you do?” Over 30 percent of people said they wouldn’t say anything. Another 30 percent said they would tell a security guard. The follow up question was, “If you were taking photos in a location that banned selfie sticks, what would you do?” Well, 78.5 percent of the people said they didn’t own a selfie stick and 18 percent said they would obey the rules. (Oh really?)

Banned Photos

“Have you ever taken photos at a location, destination or exhibit that strictly prohibited all photos (such as the Sistine Chapel, England’s Crown Jewels, certain Japanese temples, etc.)?” A whopping 71 percent of people said they would never do that. And 65 percent of people who witness such a heinous act say they would immediately tell a security guard. 

When asked if they witnessed someone publically defacing or damaging a tourist attraction 72 percent of people said they would go to the security guard and another 14 percent said they would approach the person themselves.

Airline Etiquette

When asked the question, “If you encountered ‘seat sprawl’ (where the person next to you on an airplane clearly is too large for their seat and invades what little space you have) on an airplane, what would you do?” 58 percent said they would ask to be reseated and 38 percent of people said that they would call a flight attendant if the person reclined too much in front of them. More than half of people also responded that they would not use a Knee Defender if given one, and 43 percent said they would call a flight attendant if the person behind them was using one.

 It would definitely be nice if more people would speak up, because I think more than not, most people just sit there quietly and say nothing. Where do you stand on these topics? Let me know in the comments below.


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