Last updated: 04:48 PM ET, Tue November 01 2016

Traveler Uses Credit Card Perks in South Korea to Make Up for $450 Annual Fee

Features & Advice Donald Wood November 01, 2016

Traveler Uses Credit Card Perks in South Korea to Make Up for $450 Annual Fee

Photo: Andrew Kamphey during #Chase450 experiment at Incheon International Airport. (Photo via @KampheyApproved)

Using the hashtag #Chase450, world traveler Andrew Kamphey captivated the industry as he tried to recoup the $450 he spent on an annual fee for a new credit card.

Kamphey recently signed up for the Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card that costs him $450 a year to use. In response to the high cost, he decided that he would take it upon himself to use at least $450 worth of incentives as he waited in South Korea during a 15-hour layover.

After landing at Incheon International Airport, Kamphey used the Chase credit card to gain free access to premium pass lounges and eat and drink as much as he wanted for free. To ensure he got back the $450 he spent on the card, Kamphey kept tabs of the things he used or received at no cost and shared images on Twitter.

As it would be for most travelers, one of the first things Kamphey used his card to get for free was beer. The #Chase450 experiment was off to a good start, with free access to a lounge, a hot breakfast and beer to begin the journey:

Food was another major source of his #Chase450 experiment, and Kamphey managed to enjoy two plates of ribs before eventually needing a shower:

While it didn’t cost him anything due to Incheon Airport’s free showers, Kamphey took full advantage of the facilities by taking three showers and even getting in a good shave before his time was through in South Korea:

As great as the experience likely was for the hardened traveler, there were lounges Kamphey wasn’t permitted to enter, so the Chase Reserve Card does have its limitations:

Just as Kamphey prepared to board his flight out of South Korea and conclude his #Chase450 experiment, the plane was delayed and he made his way back into a lounge for another bite to eat and another drink, bringing him over the $450 mark and accomplishing his goal:

While the #Chase450 experiment may not be for everyone, Kamphey showed that travelers should know the perks associated with their credit cards and use them to their advantage.

“Honestly the lounge is never worth it to pay for it in full price. For budget business people, the priority pass alone at $89 per year is a great buy,” Kamphey said in a statement. “The fact that I got it for free from this credit card is absolutely amazing. It really has opened my eyes to other ways to leverage business partnerships. For anyone else other than a pure business traveler, a 15 hour layover is much better spent on a cultural tour, or even just a bus ride into the city and see a couple spots. 15 hours is a lot of time to do a lot of stuff even if there is an hour or two ride into the city.”

With over $450 worth of free food, drinks, lounge access and other amenities, Kamphey has developed the blueprint for road warriors to maximize their journeys.