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Wanna Help New York City? Here Are 5 Great Things To Do In Chelsea

Features & Advice Rich Thomaselli September 21, 2016

Wanna Help New York City? Here Are 5 Great Things To Do In Chelsea

PHOTO: The Chelsea Market is a culinary delight. (Photo courtesy Thinkstock)

Like any destination affected by a terrorist attack, it is imperative to get the area back on its feet.

This is where tourists can help in going back into the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, where a domestic terrorist planted a homemade bomb on Saturday night, injuring 31 and damaging stores along 23rd Street.

Here are five – among many – great places to visit in the neighborhood.


75 9th Ave, New York – If you have even a smidgen of a culinary heart, this is the place for you. Open every day, Chelsea Market is a block long and a block wide and just a short walk the Meatpacking District. An enclosed market, it is one of the great indoor food halls of the world with – literally – everything from soup to nuts.

Chelsea Markets

Photo via Flickr/Herry Lawford


34th Street to 14th Street – Truly an amazing spot in New York City that is well-known to the locals but somewhat foreign to tourists as it is only two years old.

The High Line is a 1.45-mile-long linear park built on an old, no longer used elevated section of the New York Central Railroad. It zig zags back and forth over 20+ blocks and several avenues, with numerous places to get off and sightsee, shop and eat. It is one of the great urban cultural hikes in the world.

High Line after Sunset (New York, USA. Gustavo Thomas © 2014)

Photo via Flickr/Gustavo Thomas


535 West 22nd Street – Dia, which also has an outpost 90 minutes north of New York City in Beacon, N.Y., in the Hudson Valley region, is one of several tremendously important art galleries in the Chelsea area. A contemporary gallery, Dia was founded in 1974. Its goal is to advance and preserve the vision of today’s artists by commissioning single-artist projects, and affording them the space to present their works without being hampered by scale or scope.


85 Tenth Avenue – Incredible. Owned by celebrity chef Mario Batali, Del Posto is an Italian restaurant that follows in the same vein as Batali’s Babbo, Lupa, Esca and Otto eateries. While there is plenty to choose from on the menu, we offer you two pieces of advice. First, when in doubt, go with the pasta. Any pasta. The variety is outstanding, the plethora of choices will overwhelm you. Second, we won’t lie, it’s pricey. But the food is worth it and the space is spectacular, with something unheard of in New York City – plenty of room between tables.

Del Posto

Photo via Flickr/Kalana


Yes. Just … walk. Chelsea is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in New York City. For every Del Posto there is a little nugget of inexpensive restaurant that will blow your taste buds away. For every upscale store there is a another, independently owned shop that has vintage clothing at reasonable prices. For every bar and nightclub that charges $15 a drink, there’s a shot-and-beer place for $5. It’s an eclectic, diverse neighborhood worthy of your time.