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What’s The One Travel Meal You’ll Always Remember?

Features & Advice Lisa Iannucci November 15, 2016

What’s The One Travel Meal You’ll Always Remember?

Have you ever sat down for a meal, tasted a dish and loved it so much that you can remember and crave it years later?

For me, I can remember two instances. The first was my first trip to Walt Disney World with my three children when we went to Chef Mickey’s for dinner. This all-you-can-eat buffet was pricey but worth it. I had the best prime rib of my life. It literally melted in my mouth and I have only found one restaurant that has come close to making it that good since.

As a film/tv buff, I also wanted to sit in Hell’s Kitchen, a Gordon Ramsay staged restaurant from his television show, and eat his famous beef wellington and risotto. So when I was in Atlantic City, New Jersey, I had the opportunity to eat at the Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill while interviewing his season winner Chef Meghan Gill. There wasn’t any risotto on the menu, but I finally ate beef wellington and it instantly beat anything I’ve ever tasted before. My wallet can wait for me to go back, but my taste buds can’t.

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Tom Carnes, president/owner of LaMacchia Travel in Kenosha, Wisconsin knows exactly what it’s like to crave a dish. For him, it was the first time he enjoyed fresh mussels while traveling in Normandy, France.

“I must have eaten 50 to 60 of them and I have never had them as good as that again,” said Karnes. “I was taught by a French fisherman to use the first empty mussel shell as a “tweezers” to extract all the other mussels from their shells and then place the empties inside of each other making a long chain of shells.  I still do that and get some looks from people – they must not be French.”

As an agent who specializes in Disney trips, Greg Antonelle has many opportunities to enjoy the food on the property. He remembers all too well his dinner at the Yachtsman’s Steakhouse at Walt Disney World’s Yacht Club Resort in Florida. “The 5-oz Wagyu Filet Mignon from Yachtsman’s Steakhouse at Walt Disney World is the one (and maybe only) food I still crave years later,” said Antonelle, director of MickeyTravels. “While it’s pricey ($145), it is easily the most delicious meal I have ever eaten. And it’s so good, the only thing I drank while eating this is water, since there is no beverage that can enhance this and I wanted the taste to linger.”  

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Eileen Entin wishes that she can recreate her favorite food experience, but the venue is no longer around. “I'll always remember the best milkshake ever,” said Entin, of Diamond Cruise & Travel. “It was at the stately Castle Harbour Hotel in Bermuda in 1964.”

The original Castle Harbour Hotel closed 20 years later in November 1984 for renovations, then re-opened as the Marriott Castle Harbour Hotel in 1986. It closed again in 1999.

“I'll never get to have it again, but for a close second, I tell my travel clients to try the milkshakes at the Red Rock Canyon Resort Spa & Casino in Las Vegas just outside the strip area,” she said.

What’s your favorite food that you crave years later?