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What to Expect in 2017 According to Jetsetters

Features & Advice Janeen Christoff October 25, 2016

What to Expect in 2017 According to Jetsetters

PHOTO: Solo travel will remain popular in 2017. (Photo courtesy Thinkstock

The New Year is right around the corner, and it’s never too early to think of your travel options for the coming year. 

The online mens’ publication D’Marge has some suggestions from travel jettsetters based on survey results from 

One trend to watch for in the coming year is the ongoing rise of solo travel. 

“Fifty-one percent of the survey’s participants said they plan to be their own travel companion on their next holiday. Germany led the way with 80 percent of German respondents indicating they’re up for going it alone, followed by 69 percent of UK respondents and 67 percent of Canadians,” reports D’Marge. 

Travelers are also looking for more immersive travel experiences says the publication. 

“More than half of the people surveyed indicated interest in exploring local life and developing a deeper understanding of the culture. In contrast, just 4 percent said they’ll travel to find good parties and nightlife,” says D’Marge.

Don’t expect a decline in social media. Sites such as Instagram aren’t going anywhere. 

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“Almost 80 percent of respondents said they will use social media while on vacation, with 25 percent checking in daily,” reports D’Marge.

Keep those hashtags ready.

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