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Which World Cities Get The Most Instagram Likes?

Features & Advice | Gabe Zaldivar | February 04, 2016

Which World Cities Get The Most Instagram Likes?

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Like holding up a mirror to the world, social media highlights those places that we hold so dear that we must capture the moment and share it with our friends.

That’s a rather nice way of saying you all are taking entirely too many selfies around London. We get it; you are on vacation.

Airport transport service Hoppa did some social media digging and discovered those places around the world that command quite the photographic celebration.

Entitled Insta-Holidays, the website examined Instagram posts to find where you crazy kids with all the smartphones are headed.

It’s a wonder how anyone gets anywhere in Manhattan, because it seems like just about everyone is busy uploading images:

Image courtesy Hoppa.


It might be a tad on the snowy side at the moment, but New York City takes the top spot with a wealth of attractions and landmarks.

It’s hard to go a block without feeling like you have to bust out the phone to capture the moment.

London, Paris, Dubai and Los Angeles round out the top five of destinations that house architecture, landscapes and landmarks that mandate taking a moment for some amateur photography.

However, it’s important to remember that this images aren’t be uploaded into a vacuum. There are other people on the other side of these posts, subjected to amazing pictures nestled right next to complete banality.

What locations garnered the most “Likes?” Thankfully, Hoppa has the answers.

Image courtesy Hoppa

Take a bow, Los Angeles. It seems that your skyline and various attractions garner the most likes on Instagram.

But let’s be honest, this takes the least amount of physical exertion from a human being: the tap of a screen.

Still, Hollywood reigns supreme.

Bangkok, London, Taipei City and Miami round out a top five of beloved cities getting a lot of celebration on Instagram.

Hoppa continued by illustrating some more specific fare amid its buffet of data. It seems that London is indeed royalty when it comes to selfies while Hong Kong dominates scenic images that find their way to Instagram.

If you want to fly off to a place that garners a ton of food pictures, then you would do well to travel to Phuket, Shanghai or Guangzhou.

Winter is the perfect time to ponder that trip you might take later in the year. Perhaps think outside the box and pore over what cities are getting the most love from photogs traversing the globe. They may just be onto something.


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