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Why Not Skip Christmas and Travel Instead?

Features & Advice Janeen Christoff November 16, 2016

Why Not Skip Christmas and Travel Instead?

PHOTO: Skip the gifts and travel this Christmas. (Photo courtesy Thinkstock) 

Which costs more taking a vacation or planning, purchasing gifts and celebrating Christmas at home? Go Banking Rates points out that the two may be similar in price, so why not skip the celebration and get straight to the fun?

“Sure, taking a vacation during the holiday season can be expensive. But, if you factor in the cost of all the gifts, decorations, food and parties, the cost of a Christmas getaway might not be as high as you think compared to celebrating the holiday at home,” Trae Bodge points out. 

One reason to take a pass on Christmas and celebrate on the road is that flights aren’t as expensive as people think, according to a recent Go Banking Rate study. 

“The most affordable Christmas airfares are to destinations such as Las Vegas, New Orleans, San Francisco, Chicago and Nashville, found the study. In some cases, flights were as low as $125. Considering the fact Americans are expected to spend $935.58 on holiday shopping this year, according to the National Retail Federation, the cost of a plane ticket pales in comparison,” says Bodge. 

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Hotels can also be affordable. 

“Travel site’s 2016 holiday survey found that around Christmastime, hotel costs in the top 10 destinations is $180 per night, on average. The least expensive destination is Las Vegas at $95 per night, and the most expensive is Cancun at $378 per night,” Bodge points out. 

Another win for those who don’t like holiday shopping is that there are no (or fewer) gifts to purchase. 

“Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on presents this Christmas, suggest to your closest family members or friends that you all ditch gift-giving and take a trip together. Imagine all of the time and money you’ll save, the stress you’ll avoid, and the memories you’ll make,” says Bodge. 

Thinking about traveling over Christmas? Here are some more reasons why it’s a good idea.