Last updated: 09:00 AM ET, Sat November 26 2016

Why Travel Between Thanksgiving and Christmas Offers Big Savings

Features & Advice Janeen Christoff November 26, 2016

Why Travel Between Thanksgiving and Christmas Offers Big Savings

PHOTO: Travel now to save big. (Photo courtesy Thinkstock)

Thanksgiving may be the busiest time of year to travel, but just after Thanksgiving may be the best time to travel. 

“There’s a lesser known, insider secret we’d like to share: The days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are the best time all year to take a trip,” writes Melanie Lieberman for Travel + Leisure

Lieberman wisely points to the fact that between the two major holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas roads, airports — and even swim-up bars — are desolate. 

“Travelers will enjoy swift airport security lines, unoccupied roads, and ample seats at hotel swim-up bars. And they can take advantage of major discounts,” she says. 

There are more ways to save as airlines discount fares between these two holidays. 

“Airlines tend to launch a lot of fare sales the first week in December,” Patrick Surry, Hopper’s chief data scientist, told Travel + Leisure.

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There’s a lot of excess capacity in the fall when not as many people are hitting the road and therefore, discounts are abundant.

“Demand during the fall season tends to be weak, other than [the] holidays...the addition of flash sales can make it the best opportunity to save during the year for flexible travel.”

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