Last updated: 02:30 PM ET, Thu November 17 2016

Will Travel Frequency Increase in 2017?

Features & Advice Patrick Clarke November 17, 2016

Will Travel Frequency Increase in 2017?

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There's not a whole lot about the future we know for certain, but its clear that people will travel more.

According to a survey conducted by the U.S.'s largest airport transportation provider the GO Group, 15 percent of travelers plan to travel more frequently for business in 2017 compared to 2016, while 21 percent expect to travel more for leisure next year compared to this year.

Fewer than one in 10 respondents (7 percent) said they plan to travel less for business in 2017, while only 4 percent intend to travel less often for leisure next year compared to this year.

More than half of travelers (55 percent) indicated that they intend to travel the same amount for business next year, while only 16 percent plan to travel at the same frequency for leisure.

At the moment, one-fifth of travelers are still unsure of their travel plans for 2017. That said, it's possible more than 21 percent of travelers will wind up traveling more frequently for leisure next year. The same goes for business travel.

"An increase greater than 15 percent, whether for business or leisure travel, is significant," said GO Airport Express and GO Group president John McCarthy in a statement. "The tourism and travel industry is an important part of the US and world economies, so this is really positive news."

More than 650 people participated in the GO Group's survey.