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Working to Improve the Travel Experience

Features & Advice Janeen Christoff November 22, 2016

Working to Improve the Travel Experience

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Sometimes negative travel experiences get a lot more airtime in the media than do the people who are working to improve it, Christopher Elliott points out on the Huffington Post

Elliott starts with the example of Don Chernoff, who is a thought leader on improving travel while he runs a luggage manufacturing company, SkyRoll. 

In the aftermath of the Emirates Airlines crash this summer, Chernoff thought that it was unfortunate that people struggled to get off the plane because they were worried that they would need their luggage. 

“No passenger should risk their life or the lives of others by delaying an evacuation just to grab their luggage from the overhead bin,” Chernoff told Elliott. “To encourage people to leave their carry-on in the overhead bin and get out quickly in the event of a crash, we’ll give free SkyRoll luggage to survivors whose carry-on luggage subsequently burns up if there is a fire.”

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Chernoff is not alone. 

“Just as the CEO of a luggage company thinks about saving lives in a plane crash or a visitor’s bureau representative worries about the lost art of hospitality, others are thinking about ways to improve air travel,” says Elliott. 

If you are wondering how you can make travel better, Elliott says “give your business to companies that care.”

“Companies like Marriott and Southwest Airlines have a strong sense of corporate responsibility built right into their mission statements. It comes through not only in the products they offer and their customer care, but also the way they invest in future infrastructure,” says Elliott. 

Let companies know what you think. 

“If someone’s hospitality is lacking, fill out the response form or talk to a manager. If a policy is customer-hostile, tell the company before taking your business elsewhere. Companies can’t make travel better unless they know what better is,” Elliott recommends.

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