Last updated: 08:09 AM ET, Thu November 10 2016

Ensemble Travel Group Launching Navigate Booking Platform

Host Agency & Consortia Ensemble Travel Group Michael Isenbek October 26, 2016

Ensemble Travel Group Launching Navigate Booking Platform

Photo courtesy of Ensemble Travel Group

Calling it “unlike any other in the consortia space,” Ensemble Travel Group announced plans to launch Navigate, a new integrated booking platform to be used by members across the world.

Co-President Lindsay Pearlman announced this “next step in the evolution” of the host agency at the opening session of Ensemble’s international conference in San Diego’s Manchester Grand Hyatt to an audience of over 900 members, partners and guests.

Before the big reveal, Pearlman had attendees ponder the desires of customers of the future, along with the tools needed to set them up with “extraordinary” travel.

“In a perfect world you’d want something that helps deliver value far beyond price; enables you to deliver the right product at the right price to the right customer; saves you time; is ultra-intelligent and delivers data to you like you’ve never seen before. Navigate does all that and will become your lifeline, your go-to, your one-stop source for growing your business,” said Pearlman.

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All Ensemble content would be available through Navigate and agents would have the ability to add their own groups and special offers.

“Navigate’s advanced technology integrates timely marketing, multi-level training and new-hire development with preferred partner goals and objectives — all of which will result in increased opportunities for our members,” said Libbie Rice, Co-President. “We also know that better data means better analytics, which allows us to really capitalize on trends. Navigate is a very real example of how Ensemble is ‘delivering the difference’ to its stakeholders.”

Beta testing is in progress and Ensemble said it would be a phased product rollout, with the Revelex-powered cruise booking engine the first business line to go live.