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Want to Escape The Election? Virtuoso Has You Covered.

Host Agency & Consortia Virtuoso Robin Amster October 27, 2016

Want to Escape The Election? Virtuoso Has You Covered.

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The Presidential Election is just two weeks away and it looks like Virtuoso is as bone tired of this year’s  contest as everyone else on the planet is.

The luxury travel network has come up with a list of “Election Escapes,” what it calls “the best spots for confounded citizens to rest, rejuvenate and resolve which candidate will get their support come this November.”

From relatively nearby Canada to Antarctica at the ends of the earth, the list includes these six destinations:

Newfoundland, Canada where the Fogo Island Inn is a great getaway. Another advantage to this Canadian destination, according to Virtuoso: “Travelers can scout out some land in their soon-to-be adopted Canadian homeland, just in case their candidate doesn’t win.”

Bordeaux, France  where visitors can board a helicopter for a fly-over of the 1855 classification of wine stars with Bordeaux Excellence. After landing, they’ll receive privileged access to a tasting of a Grand Cru Classé. This might best suit those voters for whom “visiting a vineyard constitutes supporting the Green Party,” said Virtuoso.

Koh Rong Archipelago, Cambodia’s  Song Saa Private Island whose overwater accommodations do not come with televisions, an absolute blessing for those who feel they’ve had enough TV to last, well maybe not a lifetime, but at least until the next presidential election.

Antarctica, via Lindblad Expedition’s 13-day cruise aboard the National Geographic Orion, an adventure for visitors  who want  to get as far from Washington D.C. as possible.

The Himalayas where the Ananda in the Himalayas spa offers its renowned Dhyana “self-realization” mediation program. Guests might want to meditate on the meaning of the 2016 election or—if that’s too painful—just realize that it will all be over soon.

Madrid, Spain where the El Corte Ingles’ Castellana Store offers some serious shopping therapy as an antidote to the recent craziness. There’s more than one-million square feet of shopping featuring a vast and soothing array of luxury brands.

A final piece of advice from Virtuoso: vote and should you decide to extend your trip beyond Nov. 8, vote by absentee ballot.  Just remember that rules vary by state: