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10 Hotels Leading the Wellness Travel Space in 2017

Hotel & Resort Charu Suri November 23, 2016

10 Hotels Leading the Wellness Travel Space in 2017

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“Wellness” is now a mighty word in the travel industry, a sizeable niche outpacing the general travel market by as much as 50 percent.

“Wellness travelers also spend about 140 percent more on travel than the average traveler, so hotels are clamoring to play in this space,” said Dena Roche, who runs a site called The Travel Diet.

Stress levels stemming from the election and general travel anxiety are just two reasons why hotels have carved substantial chunks of investment into programs from the basic yoga class to the detox retreat. Here are the top brands leading the wellness space:

Wellness on Demand at the New York Hilton Midtown

The popular Midtown hotel partnered with the on-demand wellness app PRIV to provide guests with healthy amenities at their fingertips; this means guests can book a professional yoga, Pilates or kickboxing class right in their room with an expert.

In-room Mindful Meditation Sessions at the Park Hyatt New York

As an extension of Hyatt’s partnership with Frank Lipman for their “Be Well” program, Park Hyatt New York announced an ongoing collaboration with MNDFL, a meditation studio in New York that has a cult following. They’re now offering both private in – room meditation sessions in addition to group sessions at their 13,000 square-foot atelier spa, Spa Nalai. All sessions include a complimentary food pairing created by the culinary team at Park Hyatt New York and inspired by the “living wall” at MNDFL’s downtown studio.

Personalized Nutrition at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, Four Seasons and Red Rock Casino

The niche spa concept Well & Being has partnered with a roster of hotels to offer customized healthy culinary menus (from a quinoa energy breakfast with dried apricots, macadamia nuts, honey, coconut oil and edamame succotash) to fitness classes with personalized nutrition consultations, grocery store checklists, nutrition label lessons and more everyday solutions.

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Holistic Hideaways at Le Soleil d’Or

Located in the mixed terrain, powdery sand-meets-sculpted cliffs island of Cayman Brac is this retreat which has partnered with the wellness expert Nikki Sharp to do a series of five- day “Holistic Hideaway” detox sessions that center around wellness, mental wellness and emotional cleansing. It doesn’t hurt either, that the newly-renovated property has a gorgeous farm that functions as the nourishing heartbeat of the place. Guests will also be asked to make a “dream binder” that reflect the power of deeper relaxation.

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Get Chiseled at a Spartan Gym at 1 Hotel South Beach

1 Hotel South Beach has specifically hired a “director of mind & movement,” Christianne Phillips, and the brand’s first-ever Spartan Gym will open in December 2016. Imagine getting a Deep Detox Yoga session overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, or a Core Body Burn with some of Miami’s best trainers as you check into the lobby enveloped with mossy terrariums: even Deepak Chopra would appreciate that.

Train with an Olympic Gold Medalist at Beaver Creek Westin Riverfront

The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa at Beaver Creek has World Champion Josiah Middaugh, who serves as the resort’s Resident World Champion helping guests to get chiseled, triathlon training style. It’s a complete package priced at $419 per night in a studio suite, three hours of training with Middaugh including an hour in the pool, an hour on a Computrainer bike and an hour in the gym, and there are frills and extras to add in packages including spa treatments.

Get Your Digital Detox Fix at Mandarin Oriental Worldwide

Surrendering your cell phone to the Mandarin Oriental hotel gods might seem like the most daunting thing you’ve ever done (okay, perhaps there’s that skydiving lesson), but thanks to the Mandarin Oriental’s brand-wide digital wellness initiative, you can indulge in the electronic-free zone stylishly. The initiative, which began in September, includes all sorts of holistic and therapeutic fixings from crystals, eye masks, meditation pillows, calming teas, oils and even coloring books to help you unwind and unplug. You’ll be glad to surrender that iPhone 7, as you sip your matcha green tea, and follow a regimen developed by experts from the Mayo Clinic, and reclaim the fresh-cleaned device, repackaged in its own protective shielding.

Do a Five-Hour “Mind Cleanse” with the Arrigo Programme for Women

This is how Jane Austen would have wanted to heal.

Five hours may seem like a lot for people with time commitment issues, but Fiona Arrigo, a trained psychotherapist will take you through a journey in clearing your emotional intelligence and compassion with a structured, nourishing program that is not high-octane glamor, but more grounded and realistic. There’s a four-day journey that is actually a bit pricey (5,544 pounds all-inclusive) but you’ll come out of it making great friends and truly finding your mental footing.

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Tap into the expertise of the Curtain Bluff Wellness Concierge Team

This beachfront property in Antigua has launched a “Wellness Concierge Team” that functions as a therapeutic consultant task force of sorts: the way it works is that guests submit a form on their wellness objections prior to arrival, and the team will meet personally to map out a customized wellness program that includes watersports and tennis. You can pursue this program at your own pace, and there’s no extra charge for this service.

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Get your inner kinks out with Art Therapy classes at the Costa Rica Marriott San Jose

 A colonial hacienda set on a 30-acre coffee plantation, Costa Rica Marriott San Jose invites guests to network and decompress over art therapy coloring classes, while indulging in local coffee and authentic treats. With adult coloring books becoming all the rage, it is a wonderful opportunity to dabble in paints and discover your inner creativity through art at a historic location.

“Spa Happy Hours” at the Mondrian London

As a healthier alternative to a traditional happy hour, a new Spa Social concept at the Mondrian London invites guests to relax at the Tom Dixon-designed spa facility with their funky loungers, bean bags and pillows. They’ll sip glasses of Thomson and Scott’s Skinny Prosecco, which contains no added sugars, and also herbal teas and breath the air infused with an “altitude oil” by Annee De Mamiel, which purportedly clears the mind and boosts the immune system. Each Spa Social ticket is 65 pounds.