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5 Hotel Innovations That Are Changing How You Sleep

Hotel & Resort | Ryan Rudnansky | March 26, 2015

5 Hotel Innovations That Are Changing How You Sleep

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It’s no wonder why hotels have long focused on providing travelers with an exceptional sleep experience.

There’s nothing like sinking into a comfortable, relaxing bed after a long journey.

But, in recent years, hotels have gone even further, becoming more innovative when it comes to sleep-inducing offerings.

Some hotels offer special customizable beds. Others feature “sleep menus.” Some feature yoga to calm the mind and body before sleep.

These days, any type of sleeper can find a hotel that suits him or her.

Here are five unique innovations in hotel sleep that set the bar for the ultimate sleeping experience.

Sleeping has never been so relaxing.

Stay Well at MGM Grand

The Stay Well rooms and suites at the MGM Grand—courtesy of Delos—not only led the health and wellness movement, but they also were innovative when it came to sleep.

Inside the rooms, blaring alarm clocks have been substituted for special lamps that simulate a sunrise. There are also soft red lights for night so when you need to take a bathroom break your senses aren’t overwhelmed by brightness. Blackout shades are of course included. And, for those who have trouble dozing off to sleep, a guided meditation from Deepak Chopra soothes guests to bed.

Four Seasons Bed

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts thought so much about the value of sleep that it’s rolling out a special bed across all of its properties for guests.

Four Seasons Beds come complete with three mattress toppers, each with its own type of firmness. The Signature topper is for those who prefer a firm mattress, the Signature Plush accommodates those who need a softer sleep and Signature Firm is designed for ultimate support.

The mattress itself includes heat-absorption technology to keep guests cool at night, and it also provides optimal support to keep the mattress stable if someone beside you moves during sleep.

Four Seasons even commissioned an extensive study on sleep to learn more about how to keep guests comfortable.

Villa Stephanie Baden-Baden Digital Detox

If you book a Stephanie Superior room at Villa Stephanie Baden-Baden in Germany, you can be rest assured that no electronics will disturb your sleep.

The Stephanie Superior room actually features a switch that can be flipped on to obstruct Wi-Fi signals and electronic signals (also known as “e-smog”). The switch activates copper panels that are installed inside the walls.

Whether you believe e-smog can really disrupt sleep patterns or not, you have to admit: This is pretty darn cool. It’s safe to say no matter what random things disrupt your sleep these days, there’s a hotel out there that will address the issue.

Six Senses Yogic Sleep Program

Like Four Seasons, luxury hospitality company Six Senses features a company-wide program that takes sleep seriously.

The Six Senses Yogic Sleep program combines yoga nidra (otherwise known as yogic sleep or sleep with awareness), pranayama and gentle yoga practice with relaxing spa treatments to make guests so relaxed that they naturally doze off as if they’ve heard the best lullaby ever created.

Six Senses rooms feature optimal room temperature for sleep, relaxation music, an energy cleansing room, sleep-inducing snacks and pillow mists.

Guests even receive a special sleep journal to jot down their thoughts and clear their minds, as well as a guide with take-home techniques for creating the ideal body, mind and environment for the perfect sleep.

Corinthia Hotel London

The Corinthia Hotel in London features the “Sumptuous Sleep Retreat” as part of a collaboration with a sleep expert, a nutritionist and a chef.

The Sumptuous Sleep Retreat includes a special 120-minute Sleep Ritual treatment at Corinthia’s spa, ESPA Life. The offering comes complete with unique sleep-assisting treatments such as polarity balance bodywork, designed to counter the negative effects of mobile phones and computers.

A special Sleep Menu is also offered at the hotel, designed by nutritional therapist Jeannette Hyde in conjunction with Executive Chef Garry Hollihead. The Sleep Menu is based on five principles: balancing sugar levels (to avoid cravings for stimulants), including foods rich in proteins and containing amino acid tryptophan in the last meal of the day (tryptophan creates sleep hormone melatonin), combining tryptophan-rich foods with sugar or refined carbohydrates (these speed up absorption of tryptophan), including magnesium-rich foods (to relax the muscles and the mind) and including omega-3 essential fatty acids (for brain health).

Rooms include comfortable Hypnos mattresses, blackout curtains, soundproof walls and the choice of pillows, from goose down to polyester. 


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