Last updated: 11:19 AM ET, Fri December 02 2016

5 Tips To Spot Those Pesky Hotel Bedbugs

Hotel & Resort Gabe Zaldivar December 01, 2016

5 Tips To Spot Those Pesky Hotel Bedbugs

IMAGE: Bedbug tips abound for the brave hotel traveler. (Image courtesy Rentokil)

If there is one thing we hate when checking out of a hotel it’s the moment we realize we aren’t getting a late checkout. Second, perhaps, would be the realization that we have absconded with a bunch of bedbugs. 

Thankfully, pest control gurus Rentokil offered the following infographic that offers a quick and easy way to investigate your hotel room to see if there are any critters lurking.

Granted, merely reading about such things will make your skin crawl. There have been countless encounters of people running into minute insects while traveling. Even NBA stars aren’t immune.

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Thankfully, there are some things you can do. First be aware of what you’re looking for such as shed skin, blood smears or, you know, actual live bedbugs. From there, take a five step jaunt around the room as listed below. If you do indeed find anything untoward, be that squeaky wheel. You will be helping so many other travelers.

(Image courtesy Rentokil)