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China’s Domestic Travel Is Getting an Upgrade

Hotel & Resort Janeen Christoff November 08, 2016

China’s Domestic Travel Is Getting an Upgrade

PHOTO: Shanghai, China (Photo courtesy Thinkstock) 

A sign that China’s tourism industry is truly taking off could be the country’s focus on upgrading and growing its luxury domestic travel products focused on families, reports Forbes

“Last year, Chinese tourists spent a jaw-dropping $215 billion on travel abroad, more than double than in 2014, according to a report from the World Travel and Tourism Council,” notes Sarah O'Meara. 

O’Meara also notes that “China is now the globe’s highest-spending nation, and that’s lead to a slew of services popping up dedicated to meeting the needs of the high-end Chinese traveler.” 

There are myriad hotel developments underway in the country in a range of locations, but they all have one thing in common — a focus on meeting the needs of Chinese families. 

“The family forms the foundation of Chinese society, and it is increasingly common for Chinese to travel together as a family unit. They want to choose locations and activities that can suit each member of the family,” Ann Bierbower, senior marketing manager at China Skinny, a marketing, research and digital agency tells Forbes.

One of the biggest signs of a traditional shift is a new wave of Chinese families traveling during Chinese New Year when families used to stay home. 

“Now many families are taking trips away from the hometown as a whole family unit instead of staying in their hometown,” Bierbower says.

More and more hotels in China are now focused on catering to these families. 

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“Hotels in China and those ahead of the curve have been catering to the Chinese family,” Bierbower tells Forbes. “This includes having more connecting rooms available, and also renting out villas for the whole family.”

In addition to hotels, other attractions are adding amenities that appeal to the whole family. 

“Malls now becoming entertainment centers. Malls are not just for shopping but also playing, learning, eating and more. A Chinese family could spend a whole weekend day at the mall, keeping the whole family entertained,” says Bierbower.

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