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Former Trump Employee Runs Most Successful Casino In the World

Hotel & Resort Patrick Clarke November 18, 2016

Former Trump Employee Runs Most Successful Casino In the World

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Despite possessing only one casino, the U.S. island of Saipan boasts the world's most successful casino.

What's more, the casino is run by former Donald Trump protege Mark Brown, the CEO of Hong Kong-based Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd.

According to Bloomberg, Best Sunshine Live is posting eye-popping revenue numbers. 

"The daily reported revenue for each of its VIP tables in the first half of the year, about $170,000, is almost eight times the average of Macau's largest casinos," Bloomberg reported. "It's 16 VIP tables alone generate revenue that’s more than half of the receipts from 178 high-stakes tables at Wynn Resorts Ltd.'s flagship casino in the Chinese territory, a 20-story palace with three Michelin-starred restaurants."

For the month of September, Imperial Pacific reported a record $3.9 billion in bets at the casino.

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Despite speculation that the casino is benefiting from illegal activity, Brown maintains that it operates legitimately. 

"I’ve heard every question that you have in your mind. All my guys, my friends in Macau say this is [expletive]," Brown told Bloomberg. "We are very transparent. We don’t want to do anything to break the law."

Looking ahead, Brown and Imperial Pacific have ambitious expansion plans. Construction is already underway on a hotel and resort near Best Sunshine Live that will include a 100-foot glass sculpture of a dragon in the lobby, among other impressive features. 

More than a dozen six-star themed hotels and a handful of casinos are also in the works, according to Bloomberg.