Last updated: 08:28 PM ET, Wed October 26 2016

How to Win an Airbnb Stay in Dracula's Castle this Halloween

Hotel & Resort Patrick Clarke October 17, 2016

How to Win an Airbnb Stay in Dracula's Castle this Halloween

PHOTO: Dracula's Castle in Transylvania will welcome two guests this Halloween. (Screenshot via Airbnb) 

Count Dracula is synonymous with Halloween, and Airbnb wants to send two brave travelers to Transylvania where they'll spend Halloween night inside of the iconic vampire's castle.

The winner and their one guest will be flown to Romania and taken by horse-drawn carriage to Bran Castle.

Once they arrive, the guests will be greeted by Dacre Stoker, a vampire expert and the great grandnephew of Dracula author Bram Stoker. Stoker will take guests on a tour of the castle, which features more than four dozen different rooms and boasts stellar views of the Carpathian Mountains.

A candlelit dinner of chicken paprikash will await guests inside the grand dining room and instead of beds, guests will spend the night inside a pair of luxe velvet-trimmed coffins. 

To enter, participants must submit a 50- to 500-character explanation of what they would say to Dracula if they were to meet him. According to Stoker, it's even possible Dracula could show up at the castle on Halloween night. The vampire expert told the Associated Press that if "he's still floating around, he would make an appearance."

Dracula and vampires may be fiction, but the inspiration behind Stoker's famous tale was real-life ruler Vlad the Impaler who stayed at the castle in the 15th century and was infamous for his cruelty and habit of impaling his victims.

Travelers must submit their answers by 7 p.m. ET on Oct. 26 to be eligible to win.

One of Romania's top tourist attractions, Bran Castle draws more than 630,000 visitors each year. Nonetheless, this Halloween will mark the first time in decades that the former military fortress has housed overnight guests.