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Inside Edition Asks: Are Hotels Even Cleaning Bed Sheets?

Hotel & Resort | Gabe Zaldivar | September 12, 2016

Inside Edition Asks: Are Hotels Even Cleaning Bed Sheets?

Photo courtesy Inside Edition

File this one away under the most vile thing you can imagine concerning your next hotel stay.

The folks over at Inside Edition wanted to check on whether some hotels were actually changing out bed sheets between guests’ respective stays.

It’s something we had previously taken for granted was done with the regularity of guests brushing their own teeth.

But the fact that Inside Edition would even question the practice has us remarkably uneasy about its regularity.

Then we saw a snippet from its report that will air in its entirety on Tuesday, Sept. 13 and are now rather inconsolable about the results.

There is not a shower long enough to make us forget what we just saw. If you are the type that rests easy at night no matter what you watch during the transom of the day, enjoy this video.

As you can see from the video or read from its report, Inside Edition sent a team to various hotels to see if the staff had indeed changed out the sheets between guests – an act that really should be at the top of the lists for cleaning crew.

The one highlighted was Residence Inn by Marriott in New York City, which pretty much bombed the remarkably simple test. When Inside Edition re-booked the same room the next night the invisible paint it used to test its theory was still there – and our disgust along with it.

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The manager in the above video offers: “We make it a custom to change every checked out room sheet. However, I do not know what happened in this situation.”

The manager shouldn’t feel too bad, because, via a press release, Inside Edition found similar failings in places like the La Quinta Inn & Suites not far from Central Park and The Candlewood Inn & Suites in Manhattan.

The Inside Edition team visited nine hotel locations and a whopping three failed this ridiculously simple pop quiz.

Indeed, this is a small sample size but that number is far too high when you consider the changing of bedsheets to be an absolute given when you contemplate items that should be changed or cleaned in the hotel room.

Oh, we have for decades been fine removing the top comforter, knowing full well that it’s hardly cleaned. But we were happy to climb into bed as we naively sleep in the comfort of what we thought were clean, changed sheets.

Now we know that, what we presume are many rooms around the country, we have writhed in the body filth of the previous tenants.

Again, there is neither a shower hot enough or long enough in duration to help us forget that fact. Seriously, hotel chains. You had one job.


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