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Italian Hotels Offering Free Nights to Guests Who Conceive During Stay

Hotel & Resort Patrick Clarke November 21, 2016

Italian Hotels Offering Free Nights to Guests Who Conceive During Stay

PHOTO: Assisi, Italy. (Photo via Flickr/Bob Hall)

Italy's low birth rate is inspiring some creative hotel deals.

The Independent reports a group of hotels participating in the Fertility Room project are offering free stays to couples who conceive during their time in the European destination. The project is designed to not only boost Italy's low birth rate but promote tourism as well.

10 participating hotels in the Italian town of Assisi will reward couples who provide a birth certificate proving that their baby was born nine months after their stay with a reimbursement for their stay or a free stay in the future.

Participating hotels include Agriturismo Basaletto, Agriturismo Casa Faustina, Agriturismo Le Mandrie di San Paolo, Hotel Cristallo, Dal Moro Assisi Gallery Hotel, Hotel Dei Priori, Hotel Fontebella, Hotel Il Castello, Hotel Windsor Savoia and Villamena.

Local tour operators in Assisi are behind the unique project. However local officials have not endorsed their efforts. Nonetheless, the campaign is scheduled to run through March 31, 2017.

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According to the Independent, Italy reported its lowest birth rate in more than 150 years in 2015.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time international hotels have looked to encourage guests to procreate in their guestrooms. Earlier this year, Jerusalem's Hotel Yehuda announced it was awarding the first two couples to conceive a child while staying at the hotel on leap day with a free bris, bar or bat mitzvah and wedding.