Last updated: 01:00 PM ET, Wed October 26 2016

Japanese Hotels Offering Discounts to Balding Guests

Hotel & Resort Patrick Clarke October 26, 2016

Japanese Hotels Offering Discounts to Balding Guests

PHOTO:  A Japense hotel chain is rewarding guests struggling with hair loss. (Photo via Flickr/malehmann) 

Few people are typically excited to learn that they're balding. But Japan's Kitakyushu Hotel Plaza is helping to take the edge off with a special discount for bald or balding guests.

According to RocketNews24, any guest that the front desk staff deems to be balding will receive a 500 yen ($4.80) discount per night on their stay.

The campaign, which was launched awhile back at multiple properties within the Tetora Group chain, is the brainchild of the group's president, Koji Miura, who was motivated by complaints from the cleaning staff about too much hair in the drains.

What's more, Miura, who is also bald, was the inspiration behind the hotel's bald mascot, which can be seen standing in the hotel lobby.

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Visitors to the hotel can also purchase bald mascot merchandise to celebrate their hairdo, or lack thereof.

While likely to turn off some guests who may not be thrilled to show off their thinning hair, there's no denying the campaign is clever, especially when you consider a 2011 TripAdvisor survey found Japan to have more bald men than any other country in Asia.

If you're up to have your dome judged by the front desk staff at check-in, you may wind up saving enough to take home a bald mascot souvenir coffee mug.