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Mind Your Manners At Famed Plaza's Etiquette And Finishing Program

Hotel & Resort Gabe Zaldivar October 21, 2016

Mind Your Manners At Famed Plaza's Etiquette And Finishing Program

IMAGE: Rock on with your fancy self at The Plaza’s Finishing Program. (Image courtesy The Plaza press release)

If you’re the sort who eats their steak with the hands or lets your dinner guests know you enjoyed a meal with uncouth sounds, this deal may be for you.

The Plaza New York, that hotel you have seen myriad times splashed across the transom of movies and TV shows, is offering to gussy you up with an etiquette program for 2017.

So when you actually refrain from chewing with your mouth open your pals will be astonished and ask, “What finishing school did you attend?”

That’s when you can say, once your food has been properly masticated, “Why the The Plaza Finishing Program with Beaumont Etiquette, of course.”

Now some of you are wondering what it is you get with the program. According to a release, you can expect nothing less than, “a series of adult etiquette courses designed to instruct participants in modern social, business, and dining etiquette.”

So instead of constantly drooling over yourself and generally being a complete embarrassment, you can now get some semblance of modern social decorum, which you can then use to amaze friends, colleagues and bystanders who wondered openly what that smell was when you were around.

Now you can walk into any room like James or Jane Bond with style, panache and flare.

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Kidding aside, The Plaza remains one of the more lavish and impressive locations around the world. A simple drink at its gorgeous bar can do wonders for the spirts while you tour Manhattan.

A program like this fits perfectly with the hotel’s overall elegance. George Cozonis, Managing Director at The Plaza, offered some thoughts on the program.

Cozonis states: “Like The Plaza, etiquette is rooted in tradition, yet constantly evolving and au courant. The Plaza Finishing Program with Beaumont Etiquette underscores our belief in the importance of social customs in preserving the fabric of our society.”

As for the details, registration begins on October 19 for programs that will take place from January through April 2017.

And the manner in which you glean high culture comes in two flavors, either what is referred to as a luxurious weekend finishing program or one night of elegant training.

The entire weekend program is described as such: “The weekend starts with a welcome soirée Friday afternoon at The Plaza Hotel, followed by intensive small group training all day on Saturday and Sunday, and ending with a certificate of attendance ceremony.”

For $2,750 per person, you will learn things such as how to make a dynamite first impression to how to properly devour every morsel at afternoon tea. The program will even work on posture so you can finally learn that you’ve been roughly sitting like a Neanderthal for decades.

If you just want to dabble, for $75 you can enroll in the evenings program: “Guests enrolled will enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres over an etiquette lesson.”

For select dates and more information you can view the link provided above or head on over to Beaumont Etiquette’s website.