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Those Gorgeous Caribbean Overwater Bungalows Are Now Fully Operational

Hotel & Resort Sandals Resorts Gabe Zaldivar January 12, 2017

Those Gorgeous Caribbean Overwater Bungalows Are Now Fully Operational

PHOTO: Overwater bungalows like these in Tahiti can now be found in Jamaica. (Photo courtesy Flickr/Luxury Tahiti Resorts)

Nothing sounds sweeter than the idea laying your exhausted head on a pillow that sits on a bed that rests directly over pristine water which had been calling to you months prior on Instagram.

Such is the experience that so many have demanded that has made destinations like the Maldives such a popular vacation spot. Conde Nast’s Traveler’s Cynthia Drescher reports on a budding (and wildly promising) new resort that seems to grow out of Jamaican waters.

As Drescher reminds those who have searched high and low during their pre-honeymoon planning phase, finding a bungalow above water on this continent is nearly impossible.

Starting this past December, you now have a solution in your figurative backyard with Sandals Royal Caribbean’s Over-the-Water Villas. The bungalows represent a truly unique experience in the region, and from the looks of the resort’s available villas, the Caribbean certainly has a suitable answer to the decades-old bungalows that reside in the Maldives, Malaysia and French Polynesia.

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Drescher spoke with Adam Stewart, CEO, Sandals Resorts. Who explained that the resort, based in Montego Bay, Jamaica, wanted to highlight the area’s newest accommodations with profound rooms, style and photographic panache.

As Drescher explains, travelers received everything they wanted in a paradise setting when American businessmen decided to take the idea of local abodes in French Polynesia to a hospitality end.

Because of geographic reasons, crafting the same kind of villas and bungalows without the protection of natural barriers like atolls made this kind of stay difficult in this part of the world. Sandals now brings paradise to Jamaica, a country already packed with beauty.

The rooms themselves are ridiculous, and a night will cost you in upwards of $2,700, but the all-inclusive experience includes amenities such as your very own infinity pool, a butler and even a glass floor that you can stand over and pinch yourself in case you think you’re dreaming.

Thankfully, Drescher explains similar installations are being prepared in other parts of the Caribbean as well as in Panama and Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

The hope, for we travelers, is that a great idea turns into the next great trend.