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Time to Get Creactive At Club Med

Hotel & Resort Club Med Bobbi Dempsey September 21, 2016

Time to Get Creactive At Club Med

PHOTO: ‘Creactive’ is one of the most spectacular resort experiences you can imagine thanks to a collaboration with Cirque du Soleil (Photo courtesy Club Med)

Club Med Punta Cana takes the all-inclusive resort experience to a whole new level by offering something you won’t find anywhere else, even if you paid extra for it.

The resort is home to Club Med CREACTIVE by Cirque du Soleil, a collaboration between two iconic brands famous for creating memorable moments.

This is a rare opportunity to completely immerse yourself into a whole new and exciting world, one filled with wonder and a wide range of unique, unforgettable experiences. Designed for guests of all ages, it is sure to delight adults and children who embrace their imagination and are eager to try new things.

It is everything you imagine when you envision the innovative work of the creative minds at Cirque du Soleil—an atmosphere of fantasy, curiosity and impressive human talents. Then mix in the luxury, pampering and indulgence synonymous with the Club Med name. The result of this one-of-a-kind combination is CREACTIVE.

The experience is like no other you’ve ever had on vacation, as it combines several different worlds and adventures in one. This circus-inspired playground consists of individual sections, each with their own unique focus and personality. La Piste is the main area and encompasses an assortment of activities, with something sure to appeal to everyone. 

L’Atelier is where you can nurture your artistic side, expressing yourself through activities like juggling and mask painting. There’s a raised seating area, if you prefer to be a spectator and watch others perform. This is also where you will find the trampolines.

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Acroplex will appeal to the daredevils and those who are brave enough to try acrobatic stunts such as bungee jumping and high-wire routines. Grand Trapeze is exactly what it sounds like—a way for you to nurture your inner circus star by flying through the air on a trapeze. And bring a friend, as this double flying trapeze is designed for two people.

There are dozens of activities altogether, so this can keep everyone in your group occupied and entertained for quite a long time. All activities are performed under the guidance and supervision of professionally trained experts, who share their insider tips and tricks to ensure guests have fun while remaining safe.

CREACTIVE will captivate and delight you so much that you may never want to leave, and may be tempted to spend your entire stay right here. It’s likely the closest you will ever get to actually running away and joining the circus.

Of course, there are also plenty of other things to see and do during your stay at Club Med’s Punta Cana location. Zen Oasis offers a relaxing adults-only escape for the grown-ups, an oasis of serenity where you will feel the stress just melt away. Meanwhile, there are plenty of areas designed especially for kids, where they can play, engage in sports, create artistic projects and make new friends. Then there are countless other activities, plenty of entertainment and nightlife, and a world-class spa that will leave you feeling pampered and rejuvenated.

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