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Trump Hotels See Celebration, Protest Following Donald Trump Victory

Hotel & Resort Gabe Zaldivar November 09, 2016

Trump Hotels See Celebration, Protest Following Donald Trump Victory

PHOTO: Trump Hotel in Chicago will be the site of emergency protest. (Photo courtesy Instagram/bradleytravels)

Following a dramatic and shocking presidential victory for Donald Trump Tuesday night, Trump Hotel locations have served as both sanctuary for supporters’ celebration and object of protest for his detractors.

As The Washington Post reports, the president elect’s Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. was the scene of a raucous celebration for supporters reveling in an upset defeat of Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. It represented quite the turn for the location that was mired in repercussions of polarizing political rhetoric. TravelPulse reported back in October that traffic in and around Trump locations had dropped about 16 percent in September.

As of Tuesday evening, however, Trump International was the scene of frivolity as the Republican nominee became President-elect Donald Trump.

Yet in Chicago things are drastically different for another famed Trump location.

As reports, the Trump Hotel on Wabash Ave. will be the site of a much ballyhooed emergency protest on Wednesday, taking place from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. local time.

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A link to the Facebook page advertising the protest reads: “We must get into the streets immediately. We must unite and stand with immigrants, Muslims, women, LGBTQ people, poor and working people and Black Lives Matter. Only the people can defeat racism, bigotry and hate!”

An immensely polarizing campaign came to a conclusion on Tuesday and, subsequently, the president-elect gave what was a more subdued, measured and inclusive speech accepting the victory.

Much like the immensely stratified country, Trump Hotels illustrate the great divide within the United States: While one half savors the sweet rush of victory the other looks for a cathartic release after a rough defeat.

Remarkably, the most glaring representation of the polarized halves will culminate under the shadow of Trump locations.