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What Are The Worst Hotel Etiquette Offenders?

Hotel & Resort | Gabe Zaldivar | August 10, 2016

What Are The Worst Hotel Etiquette Offenders?

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Well this is fairly annoying.

We are talking about Expedia’s wonderfully detailed survey of hotel’s most frustrating aspects, which all get a spotlight in the 2016 Expedia Hotel Etiquette Study.

The folks over at Expedia asked GfK to survey a shade over 1,000 respondents who relayed the kind of amenities they adore and the kind of people they loathe when staying at hotels.

As you will see in just a moment, oblivious parents and rowdy travelers rank among the most annoying of the bunch.

But first, let’s take a look at what you really crave when scouring the Internet for your next hotel.

The blog states: “Price remains the top consideration, selected by 73 percent of respondents. Complimentary Wi-Fi ranks second (63 percent), followed by ‘location’ (61 percent), ‘reviews’ (43 percent) and ‘parking options’ (38 percent).”

We are constantly tied to email, video chat and the Internet on whole – regardless if we are on vacation or not.

The last thing we want to do is deplete our precious data. The easiest way to soothe the modern traveler, besides discounting the price, is offering free and abundant Wi-Fi. We can say from experience that there is a rare joy that comes with putting the luggage away and then signing on to the free flow of the interweb.

Obviously, we wanted to really take a look at what aggravates you during an otherwise stress-free stay at the hotel.

Expedia was nice enough to share the results of hotel baddies that disrupt our relaxing respite. Here is how it breaks it down, according to a press release:

1.     Inattentive Parents

72 percent

2.     Hallway Hellraisers

69 percent

3.     In-Room Revelers

59 percent

4.     Complainers

53 percent        

5.     Bickerers

35 percent   

6.     The Loudly Amorous

29 percent

7.     Poolside Partiers

28 percent

8.     Hot Tub Canoodlers

22 percent

9.     Business Bar Boozers

17 percent

10.   Elevator Chatterbox

9 percent

It seems easy enough.

Just make sure you are watching your kids, refrain from running up and down the hallways shouting and keep the in-room party to a low murmur.

Then again, you parents probably need a getaway too. In which case, we understand when you open the door, let your kids sprint the hallway and blast Beyonce as you pop champagne.

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We mean, you only get away so often.

In all seriousness, John Morrey, vice president and general manager of, explains to what extent these things bother fellow hotel residents: “The study revealed that 18 percent of study respondents have asked to switch hotel rooms because of ‘noisy neighbors.’ The hotel experience is one that many people love. Fresh towels, a comfortable made bed, room service at the ready, it can be a deeply enjoyable experience. But it's vital to remember that you're not staying there by yourself, you are surrounded by hundreds of people who have paid to share that space. Conscientiousness makes all the difference."

With that said, elevator schmoozers really should be higher on the list.


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