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What Not to Do If Locked Out of Your Hotel Room

Hotel & Resort Patrick Clarke November 04, 2016

What Not to Do If Locked Out of Your Hotel Room

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There's a lot of things you can do if you happen to accidentally lock yourself out of your hotel room.

For one, you can head to the front desk for assistance in most cases. But there are a few potential solutions you should never consider.

Recently, a pair of hotel guests made headlines for their head-scratching efforts to get back into their hotel rooms.

But their misfortune can provide key lessons to travelers. So if you ever find yourself locked out of your hotel room, here's what not to do:

Don't Dial 911 If There's No Emergency

A Florida man was recently arrested for falsely reporting an emergency in an attempt to get back into his room at the Crestwood Suites.

FOX4 reported the Fort Myers man called 911 and told dispatchers that his 4-year-old daughter was alone and choking on candy. However when authorities and paramedics arrived at the man's hotel room he informed them that there was no emergency and he simply called to get back into his room.

Authorities were given access to the hotel room by hotel management and found no signs of an emergency. The man was then arrested for misuse of the 911 system.

Don't Pull the Fire Alarm If There's No Fire

Unless there's a threat of fire, don't pull the fire alarm in hopes of getting back into your room.

One man learned that the hard way in Liverpool, England last month. According to the Liverpool Echo, 45-year-old Andrew Russell was intoxicated, wearing only his underwear and in the midst of an argument with his wife when he forced the early morning evacuation of 78 guests at The Beatles themed Hard Day's Night Hotel in an effort to gain access to his room.

"When his wife left the room Mr. Russell tried to follow and found himself locked out," said prosecutor Andrew Page via the Echo. "After about 20 minutes his wife had not come back and he pressed the fire alarm panel. He accepted there was no fire."

Russell wrote an apology letter to the hotel. Nonetheless he was fined more than $300 and ordered to pay the full call-out cost to the responding fire service.