Last updated: 04:00 PM ET, Thu December 01 2016

World's First Year-Round Ice Hotel Opens in Sweden

Hotel & Resort Patrick Clarke December 01, 2016

World's First Year-Round Ice Hotel Opens in Sweden

PHOTO: Sweden's Icehotel. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

The world's first year-round ice hotel is open just in time for the holidays.

Sweden's Icehotel 365 debuts Thursday in Jukkasjarvi, where the original Icehotel opened more than two decades ago.

The new hotel will boast nine luxury suites and 11 art suites, an ice bar and an ice art gallery. 

Guests will want to bundle up since the year-round temperature inside the hotel will hover around 23 degrees. Because of its proximity to the Arctic Circle, the hotel will benefit from 100 consecutive days of sun in the summer, allowing it to use solar panels to collect energy that will work to keep the hotel cold.

Its location also means guests will have a chance to take in the Northern Lights from September to March.

The hotel will rely on "snice," a mixture of snow and ice that will be used on the walls and inside the roofs, but a steel foundation will allow for actual doors rather than curtains.

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Guests will be provided expedition-style sleeping bags tested for extreme temperatures to ensure a comfortable night's sleep. However, they won't be given access to their room until 6 p.m. after the hotel closes to the public.

Dog sledding, skiing, snowmobiling, river rafting and cycling are among the many outdoor activities visitors can participate in. So, the unique hotel is likely to be a huge hit with art enthusiasts. 

"Since the ceilings of 365 are higher, the [commissioned] artists will be able to sculpt unique, never-before-seen designs for the art suite interiors," the hotel's creative director Arne Bergh told Conde Nast Traveler

While being cold is sort of the point, the hotel features a handful of amenities to warm guests up.

"The deluxe suites, only found at the new Icehotel, feature en-suite bathrooms with a private sauna and shower or tub," added Bergh.