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2 Climbers Die from Apparent Altitude Sickness on Everest

Impacting Travel Amy Coyne Bredeson May 22, 2016

2 Climbers Die from Apparent Altitude Sickness on Everest

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Two climbers died this weekend after scaling Mount Everest, ABC News reported. 

Both experienced symptoms of altitude sickness as they climbed back down the mountain, ABC said.  

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A 35-year-old Dutch man named Eric Arnold had complained of feeling weak before he died Friday night, Seven Summit Treks agency’s Pasang Phurba told ABC. On Saturday, Maria Strydom of Australia also died on her way down the mountain.

The deaths were the first to happen on Everest this year, ABC reported.

Arnold and Strydom were part of the same expedition team, ABC said.

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Arnold was interviewed in January by his local radio station RTV Rijnmond, when he said he was going to try for his fifth time to conquer the summit. He said he just had to succeed this time. 

Also on Saturday, a 45-year-old Norwegian woman suffered from snow blindness on Everest, according to ABC. Two Sherpa guides helped the woman climb down the mountain.