Last updated: 09:12 AM ET, Wed November 30 2016

Aviation Experts Investigating Midair Near-Miss over India

Impacting Travel Donald Wood November 28, 2016

Aviation Experts Investigating Midair Near-Miss over India

Photo: An IndiGo Airbus A320. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Aviation authorities have launched an investigation into a near-miss incident earlier this month that saw two aircrafts almost collide over India.

According to The New Indian Express, an IndiGo Airbus A320 plane had recently departed from Bengaluru International Airport when it came close to hitting a KLM Boeing Dreamliner flying from Amsterdam to Kualampur on Nov. 2.

As a result of what is being considered a “serious incident,” the Aircraft Accidents Investigation Bureau has launched a formal investigation.

Indian authorities said preliminary data indicates the “IndiGo aircraft came in close proximity with KLM plane as the required standard lateral and vertical (radar) separation was reduced. The vertical separation was reduced to 200 feet, it added.”

No further information was released about how many passengers and crew members were onboard each aircraft at the time of the incident.

Similar near-miss incidents are categorized as airprox (aircraft proximity,) and they refer to a situation where a pilot or air traffic personnel determine the distance between the planes—as well as their relative positions and speed—indicate the safety of the aircraft involved may have been compromised.

Near misses between planes are nothing new, as two aircrafts at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport in China almost collided on a runway due to an error by air traffic controllers.