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Beware: The Worst Winter Weather Airports in the Last 10 Years

Impacting Travel Jessica Kleinschmidt November 20, 2016

Beware: The Worst Winter Weather Airports in the Last 10 Years

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Airports are going to be congested this holiday season. Just like they were last holiday season, and just like they will continue to be from here on out. 

If you're planning on taking your travels to the air, you'll need to know some history about the airport(s) you plan on traveling out of. NBC 26, an NBC affiliate out of Milwaukee took some of the guess work out of it for you with a segment called "32 Airports with the Highest Percentage of Weather Delays and Cancelations."

Meteorologist Jason Meyers checked out all of the flights around the Thanksgiving holidays over the last ten years (a lot of work) and composed a list with percentages of cancellations and delays. Some may surprise you, some not so much.

Cleveland starts at the bottom with a 2.58 percent in delays and cancellations. Minneapolis and St. Paul sits at a 2.95 percent in cancellations and delays.

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When it comes to some of the major airports, Denver is actually not even in the top ten. It sits at number 17 with a little over 3 percent of canceled and delayed flights in the last decade.

What were the top three airports in delays over the last ten years?

3.) Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW): 5.45 percent

2.) Des Moines (DSM): 6.22 percent

And number one ...

Chicago O'Hare (ORD) with 7.72 percent canceled and delayed flights over the last ten years.

Did your airport or connecting airport make the list? You can check out the entire video below on NBC 26.