Last updated: 10:08 AM ET, Mon November 21 2016

Brussels Airlines Flight Delayed After 41 Unruly Passengers Removed

Impacting Travel Donald Wood November 21, 2016

Brussels Airlines Flight Delayed After 41 Unruly Passengers Removed

Photo: A Brussels Airlines plane. (Courtesy of Brussels Airlines)

On Saturday, 41 unruly and aggressive passengers were removed from a plane as it prepared to take off for a flight from Belgium to Spain.

According to, Brussels Airlines Flight SN3771 was preparing to take off from Brussels Airport en route to Alicante, Spain, when many of the passengers—including several reportedly intoxicated people—began causing disruptions for crew members.

The captain of the flight reportedly told the 136 passengers onboard that misbehaving would result in them being removed from the plane, but the rowdy crowd who were all part of the same group did not listen.

While taxiing along the runway at the Brussels Airport, the captain turned the plane around and returned to the gate. Once Flight SN3771 came to a stop at the gate, airport police boarded the plane, removed the 41 disruptive passengers and took them into custody.

As a result of the incident, Brussels Airlines was forced to unload the baggage of the disruptive passengers, causing a delay of two hours and 45 minutes. The airline was also forced to call a new crew in to avoid overtime and revised the flight number to SN3771A, according to

Local media outlets reported no charges have been pressed due to the incident.