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Cross Bermuda Triangle Off Unsolved Mysteries List

Impacting Travel Gabe Zaldivar October 21, 2016

Cross Bermuda Triangle Off Unsolved Mysteries List

IMAGE: Graphic illustrating rough coordinates of famed Bermuda Triangle. (Image courtesy Flickr/National Ocean Service)

Someone went and Scooby-Dooed that entire Bermuda Triangle thing.

According to The New York Post, we can nearly put to bed the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle and what may have caused so many aircraft to go missing in that part of the world.

The report cites findings released by the Science Channel’s program “What on Earth?”

And because Science Channel is an awesome and gracious network, they have provided a video of their discovery which we have posted below.

As the video states, what may have caused the disappearance of myriad ships and planes over the years is the nefarious sounding air bombs.

And from the graphics provided in the video, it certainly seems like the phenomenon acts like a bomb, thrusting air downward at such a speed as to cause massive waves.

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Via the video, Dr. Randy Cerveny, Meteorologist at Arizona State University, offers some thoughts on how identifying these microbursts can be advantageous: “We can trigger an alarm that will tell the forecaster that say a microburst has been created.”

Dr. Cerveny continues, “It’s no exaggeration to say that satellites are actually lifesavers.”

Now the video does highlight that these hexagonal patterns do occur in other places in the world. It’s at this point that we might remind you that the bizarre nature of the Bermuda Triangle may not be all that bizarre., for one, notes: “But although myriad fanciful theories have been proposed regarding the Bermuda Triangle, none of them prove that mysterious disappearances occur more frequently there than in other well-traveled sections of the ocean. In fact, people navigate the area every day without incident.”

Live Science has a thorough breakdown of the mysterious area and points to the U.S. Coast Guard’s website, which answers the possible existence of the Bermuda Triangle: “The Coast Guard does not recognize the existence of the so-called Bermuda Triangle as a geographic area of specific hazard to ships or planes. In a review of many aircraft and vessel losses in the area over the years, there has been nothing discovered that would indicate that casualties were the result of anything other than physical causes. No extraordinary factors have ever been identified.”

Air bursts in upwards of 170 miles per hour that take place in other parts of the world may very well fall under that umbrella.

So there is no sinister entity at work here, just the awesome power of Mother Nature.