Last updated: 01:10 PM ET, Tue October 25 2016

Cruise Ship Worker Sentenced to 30 Years for Brutal Attack on Passenger

Impacting Travel Donald Wood October 25, 2016

Cruise Ship Worker Sentenced to 30 Years for Brutal Attack on Passenger

Photo: Mugshot of Ketut Pujayasa. (Photo via @SunSentinel)

Last week, a judge in Miami sentenced a cruise ship worker to more than 30 years in jail for the rape and attempted murder of an American passenger over two years ago.

According to the, 31-year-old Ketut Pujayasa from Indonesia pleaded guilty for the rape and attempted murder of a female passenger during a nude Nieuw Amsterdam cruise from Port Everglades, Florida.

Pujayasa told the court that the attack was a result of an insult he felt the woman had said to him about his mother while he was providing room service to her cabin. The 32-year-old unnamed victim allegedly said, “Wait a minute, son of a b***h,” resulting in uncontrollable anger from Pujayasa.

As a result, Pujayasa used his master key to enter the victim’s cabin and hid on the balcony until she fell asleep. Once the woman was asleep, he used telephone and curling iron cords to strangle her and struck her in the head with several objects found in the room.

After the brutal attack—which lasted between 30-60 minutes—Pujayasa attempted to throw the woman over the balcony into the water below, but luckily, the victim was a former acrobat and gym instructor and was able to save herself before falling to her death.

While sentencing guidelines suggested Pujayasa receive 14-to-17.5 years in prison, the judge said the crimes were so extreme and the effect on the victim was so severe that the sentence of 30 years and five months was fitting.

Upon completion of his sentence, Pujayasa will be deported and barred from returning to the United States ever again. He is now serving time in a federal prison in Texas

As for the victim, she now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and has trouble being alone. While the wounds on her face, head, neck, back, arms and legs have healed, the mental anguish remains.

“He has changed the way I live forever,” the victim said in a statement. “He took my dreams, he took my independence, he took my self-esteem.”