Last updated: 12:11 PM ET, Wed November 09 2016

Cuba Prepares for 'Enemy Actions' Following Donald Trump Presidential Victory

Impacting Travel Patrick Clarke November 09, 2016

Cuba Prepares for 'Enemy Actions' Following Donald Trump Presidential Victory

PHOTO: Havana, Cuba. (Photo by David Cogswell)

Cuba has announced plans for nationwide military exercises in preparation for a "range of enemy actions," the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

The news comes on the heels of Donald Trump's presidential victory. While the Cuban government didn't tie the exercises directly to Trump's win, in the past the President-elect has promised to reverse President Barack Obama's efforts to normalize relations with Cuba assuming President Raul Castro doesn't agree to more political freedom within the Caribbean nation.

According to the AP, the tactical exercises, which will include "movements of troops and war materiel, overflights and explosions in the cases where they’re required," are scheduled for Nov. 16 through Nov. 20.

The announcement was made by Cuba’s Revolutionary Armed Forces through the country's primary newspaper.

"The little we’ve advanced, if he reverses it, it hurts us," Cuban taxi driver Oriel Iglesias Garcia told the AP. "You know tourism will go down. If Donald Trump wins and turns everything back it’s really bad for us."

Cuba has experienced a tourism boom in wake of the Obama administration's efforts to end decades of Cold War hostility, with many travel companies looking to expand to the hot destination.

While it's still unclear at this stage what a Trump presidency means for the current state of travel between the U.S. and Cuba, there's undoubtedly a great deal of uncertainty among those who have benefited from the detente.