Last updated: 01:06 PM ET, Tue November 29 2016

Employees at Chicago's O'Hare Airport Go On Strike

Impacting Travel Donald Wood November 29, 2016

Employees at Chicago's O'Hare Airport Go On Strike

Photo: Line at O'Hare's United Airlines rebooking desk. (Photo by Patrick Herrick)

On Tuesday, workers at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport began their strike demanding union rights and hourly wages of $15.

According to The Associated Press, the Service Employees International Union announced that around 500 employees at O'Hare airport—including cabin cleaners, janitors, wheelchair attendants and baggage handlers—would be protesting at the facility.

Many of the striking employees work for private contractors and are paid minimum wage, and they are looking for the right to unionize with the help of the Service Employees International Union Local 1.

While the organizers of the strikes believe there will be delays and disruptions in flight service, the Chicago Department of Aviation announced that there will be no expected issues.

The official Twitter account of O'Hare airport also echoed that no delays or cancellations are expected due to the strike:

Tuesday’s strikes are part of a nationwide campaign for higher hourly wages, according to  In addition to the protests at O'Hare airport, thousands of employees at McDonald's restaurants and other fast-food establishments in more than 340 cities plan to walk out Tuesday.

Dubbed the "Day of Disruption," it will mark the fourth anniversary of the first protests at McDonald's restaurants in New York. The organized strikes are part of the Fight for $15 campaign.