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REPORT: Debris Indicates MH370 Wasn’t Trying to Ditch or Land

Impacting Travel Donald Wood November 02, 2016

REPORT: Debris Indicates MH370 Wasn’t Trying to Ditch or Land

Photo: Malaysia Airlines prayer vigil. (Photo via Twitter)

On Wednesday, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau released a report indicating debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 adds credibility to the theory that the plane was out of control before plunging into the Indian Ocean.

According to, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau announced that information gathered from satellite communications and wing flap debris was indicative of a plane smashing into the water at a “high and increasing rate of descent.”

Since Flight MH370 went missing in March 2014, theories about what happened to the plane have circulated. Officials from the underwater research company Fugro World Wide have suggested the plane may have glided before hitting the water, but the latest findings suggest otherwise.

MH370 search operations director Peter Foley said the new information indicates that “the aircraft wasn't configured for a landing or a ditching.”

“You can draw your own conclusions as to whether that means someone was in control. You can never be 100 percent,” Foley continued. “We are very reluctant to express absolute certainty.”

The findings were revealed at a three-day conference of international experts in Canberra who are meeting to decide whether to continue searching for the missing flight. The search efforts also recently hit a snag after the underwater teams were delayed due to bad weather in the Indian Ocean.