Last updated: 09:14 AM ET, Tue November 08 2016

‘Snakes on a Plane’ Just Got Too Real

Impacting Travel Janeen Christoff November 08, 2016

‘Snakes on a Plane’ Just Got Too Real

PHOTO: A monkey fighting snake on a Monday to Friday plane. (Photo via Twitter/@Inda_Medina) 

It was “Snakes on a Plane” IRL on an Aeromexico flight to Mexico City from Torreon on Sunday, reports the Associated Press, and the footage is going viral. 

Passengers on the flight were surprised when the green reptile emerged from the overhead bin and one intrepid passenger had the presence of mind to capture the footage of the real-life snake on a plane. 

"I was reading a magazine and the passenger next to me saw it and, 'Oh my word!'" Medina told The Associated Press by phone Monday. He estimated it was over 3 feet (about 1 meter) in length.

The report says that passengers moved from their seats to get clear of the reptile as it dangled from the ceiling and then dropped to the floor. While it sounds harrowing — especially for those passengers who aren’t reptile enthusiasts — Medina noted that everyone kept a cool head. 

"It was a frightening situation ... but people remained calm because it didn't get out of that space and nobody became hysterical," Medina said. "Some people got up to see what kind of reptile it was, but nobody got carried away."

The plane was given priority landing and touched down 10 minutes later in Mexico City reported the AP. Passengers exited out of the rear of the jet and animal control was on hand to remove the slithering stowaway. 

There is currently an investigation under way on how the snake came onboard in the first place but until they figure it out, you can watch the video below of the onboard action below.