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Survey: Poor Travel Planning Can Break Up Relationships

Impacting Travel Gabe Zaldivar October 15, 2016

Survey: Poor Travel Planning Can Break Up Relationships

PHOTO: Travelers steal a kiss. (Photo courtesy Flickr/Jon Rawlinson)

If you want to know if a relationship will last, you may want to take a vacation with your significant other.

Travel website unveiled its latest Travel Trends survey of over 1,000 Americans on the very subject of romance and travel.

What they found is that the seemingly pleasant notion of taking off away from home for pleasure can be a polarizing issue out there in the dating scene.

One of the most startling findings is that nearly one in four respondents (23 percent) agreed that when it came to travel, being on the same page was a “deal breaker.”

Some of you are late sleepers who like to stay in well after the cleaning service at your hotel has knocked a few times.

And others are early risers who like to wake at dawn, get in a work out and begin the day with seeing the sites. 

Some of you like to laze around town, letting adventure come its way in an unplanned manner. And others like to carefully plan out every single minutiae of the itinerary.

Now throw all of these people into the relationship blender that is late flights, cramped TSA lines and hotels that forgot your reservation and there is bound to be a bit of turmoil between the two of you.

Eric Urbain, U.S. Marketing Director for, explained how services like liligo can placate the boiling situation: “At liligo, our goal is to make the planning process as seamless as possible so travelers can save both time and money with their travel arrangements in order to spend more time enjoying their actual vacation. It seems travel has transitioned into something that we have begun to associate with success and accomplishment, which has in turn created unwanted stress to plan and portray a perfect vacation. But, with so many other worries in our life, travel shouldn’t be one of them.”

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And to illustrate how dire things can be when you head on out the door on a trip, the study – produced by YouGov – found that one in 12 people who responded to the survey explained that they had indeed fought with their partner over what liligo describes as, “poor travel planning.”

And those of you out there may be able to attest to these numbers. Perhaps there was the saga of a poorly packed suitcase to consider; or that time your spouse spent the entire weekend playing craps or blackjack.

Regardless, travel has a very remarkable way of highlighting the kind of people we are and who we care to be with during our most adventurous moments.

You can’t choose who you fall in love with. Thankfully, you can always plan a bit better to salvage what would otherwise be a doomed relationship.