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Tourists Terrified as Cracks Appear in China's New Glass Walkway

Impacting Travel | Gabe Zaldivar | October 07, 2015

Tourists Terrified as Cracks Appear in China's New Glass Walkway

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It’s all fun and games until the glass walkway cracks under your feet.

That nightmare scenario played out at the Yuntaishan (Yuntai Mountain) Scenic Park, which features one of China’s famed glass walkway installations, allowing tourists to glimpse what it might feel like to walk on air.

Of course, this isn’t humanly possible, so travelers have to settle for walking on transparent glass, which has been known to crack — something similar happened at Chicago’s Willis Tower in 2014.

CNN’s Maggie Hiufu Wong reports on a terrifying moment when a walkway that sits roughly 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) above ground shattered, leading to images such as these:

And here’s a tweet that illustrates the rest of the bridge as it is intended:

Now if you thought the images were harrowing, consider the following account of how things occurred.

CNN translates a description from a Weibo user who was reportedly on the bridge as it cracked.

Here is what that person had to offer: “Just witnessed a historic moment — Yuntaishan's glass walkway is broken. As I was approaching the end of the passage, I heard a sudden loud 'bang.' My legs were shaken. I looked down and saw the pane underneath me had shattered. Some people screamed. I yelled, 'It really cracked. It really cracked!' Then I ran, pushing the people in front of me. I was terrified.”

Now imagine that taking place while watching this video of the same bridge (h/t Shanghaiist):

While alarming, officials are treating this with the nonchalance of changing a light bulb. CNN points to a statement that declares things are quite safe — although the attraction is closed until repairs can be made.

Here is a portion of the statement, via CNN: “To ensure guests' safety, the glass walkway was closed immediately. Safety experts were deployed to find the cause of the incident… The passage's surface is made of custom-made three-layer tempered glass panes. The cracks only affect one layer of the pane and will not pose (any) threat to safety.”

As we mentioned, a similar incident played out at the observation deck in Chicago. London’s Tower Bridge also suffered a bout of shattered glass.

In each case, officials reminded that while absolutely terrifying, the glass floors were still safe.

For the moment, we will be on our knees kissing the ground below our feet.


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