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TravelPulse Radio Takes on World Series, Presidential Elections and More

Impacting Travel Gabe Zaldivar November 02, 2016

TravelPulse Radio Takes on World Series, Presidential Elections and More

PHOTO: Donald Trump speaks at CPAC 2011. (Photo courtesy Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

For the past few weeks, the hosts of TravelPulse radio have welcomed some of the leading voices in travel. In episode four, editor-in-chief Tim Wood and managing editor Barry Kaufman afforded some time to really delve into matters affecting the industry.

While the entire episode is filled with pertinent and captivating info, such as a discussion on the merits of Cuba, the hosts begin their own deep dive at about 16 minutes and 30 seconds into the episode.

That is when Wood brings up the subject of a possible Donald Trump presidency and the effect it would have on travel.

It’s a subject that has been well covered on the website in the form of articles that deal with Trump’s hotelshis campaign and various fallout from the brand's actions. In general terms, travelers have become cautious about how a Trump presidency might alter the landscape.

Kaufman puts things rather nicely: “The messaging around tourism is always like, ‘Come on in.’ It’s always just a giant welcome mat. That’s not quite in line with some of the messaging he’s (Trump) been putting out.”

Instead of being inclusive, the rhetoric has pointed to a more closed off approach across many fronts – most famously in regards to immigration. Regardless of your politics, the subject is an important one that thankfully gets some time on the show.

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Not all things revolved around heavy topics. Kaufman brings up an article written by Michelle Uy for TravelPulse on Vietnamese dishes you have to try in Hanoi. Wood and Kaufman take the ball and run with it, naming off some delicious and rare delicacies they have had while traveling.

The two also discuss Virgin America’s ridiculously expensive newfangled shoes, which you can glimpse at this link here.

Most topically, the two also discuss what has been an electric World Series between Chicago and Cleveland – a series that has garnered travel coverage across TravelPulse. Regardless of who wins, these are two cities you simply must experience at some point in your life.

All of this and more can be found in episode four of TravelPulse Radio.