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Video Surfaces Capturing Scary Mid-Air Middle Eastern Airlines Brawl

Impacting Travel Gabe Zaldivar January 13, 2017

Video Surfaces Capturing Scary Mid-Air Middle Eastern Airlines Brawl

PHOTO: A scary fight broke out on a recent Middle Eastern Airlines flight. (Photo courtesy Flickr/Mark Harkin)

An in-flight fracas broke out on Wednesday as a Middle Eastern Airlines airplane made its way from Beirut, Lebanon to London.

As The Sun (h/t Fox News) reports, the flight had to make a sudden detour because of a quickly escalating situation that saw an older man allegedly berate and strike a couple of flight attendants and subsequently fight a younger passenger who was trying to alleviate the situation.

A portion of the kerfuffle has hit YouTube, showing the moment the older man once again begins to throw punches at those in the cabin.

According to the report, the man in the video previously struck a couple of flight attendants. And it was the younger gentleman who attempted to step in to help the situation, only later fueling this unidentified man’s ire.

The pilot had to take action and diverted the flight to Istanbul where this man was eventually arrested.

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Besides the above video, there were passengers eager to share their account of the unfolding situation.

One anonymous source told The Sun how things began: “It all started when the old man started shouting and swearing at a passenger and his wife and then he punched that passenger. Then a flight attendant tried to break it off and that old man pushed her violently, another flight attendant came to help and the man punched her.”

The unidentified passenger who witnessed the brawl continued with what seems like a terrifying situation: “This is when the young man in the video got involved and tried to stop the old man. Most passengers were really scared of the guy, he was violent, swearing extremely filthy things constantly. He was really scary. The old man was calling the stewardess filthy names and he kept saying that he will [expletive] everyone. I remember the young guy shouting at him saying that as soon as we land police will take you, and then the old guy answered ‘I am gonna [expletive] you and [expletive] the police.’”

According to this passenger, the situation seemed to have died down. But the older passenger just wouldn’t let it lie and this is where we come to the above video.

This person explains: “The old man then asked to go to the toilet and he walked towards the young guy and that’s where the video started. The plane landed in Istanbul and four security members got on the plane and took the old man out. The young guy was very polite and he was a hero.”

As to whether there is any conjecture as to who was the bad guy in this scenario. This anonymous source states that it was very clear that the younger man was trying to help while the person who was held in custody after the plane made an emergency landing was the villain.

They conclude: “Everyone was happy that they took the old guy out as he was very abusive and scary to everyone.”

As of this writing, there is no word as to what set this man off on a rage-fueled bout of fisticuffs with those onboard.