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WATCH: AirAsia Flight Skids Off Runway at Malaysian Airport

Impacting Travel Donald Wood November 04, 2016

WATCH: AirAsia Flight Skids Off Runway at Malaysian Airport

Photo: The front wheels of the AirAsia plane that skidded off the runway in Malaysia. (Photo via ‏@501Awani)

On Tuesday night, an AirAsia plane with hundreds of passengers onboard skidded off the runway at a Malaysian airport prior to takeoff.

According to New Straights Times, AirAsia Flight AK6443 was preparing to take off from Sultan Ismail Petra Airport for a journey to Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 when the airplane’s front and left rear wheels sank into the dirt on the shoulder of the runway.

AirAsia officials revealed that all of the passengers and crew members on the flight are safe and there were no injuries reported. One of the passengers onboard—identified only as Fatimah—said people didn’t know the situation until the airline revealed the plane was having “technical difficulties.”

“The flight attendants had asked us to remain calm. We waited for more than an hour in the aircraft; passengers later demanded to know what was going on,” Fatimah said. “We were then told that the aircraft had skidded. Not long after, we were allowed to leave the aircraft in stages via the front exit. A bus was on hand to bring us to the terminal, and airline staff proceeded to arrange the changes in flight schedules.”

As a result of the plane skidding off the runway, three arriving flights at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport were turned away and two additional flights from the Kota Bharu facility had to be postponed until this morning.

AirAsia officials reportedly helped out passengers inconvenienced by the delay by providing hotel accommodation and travel arrangements. The flight finally departed for Kuala Lumpur at 9 a.m. local time Wednesday morning.

The New Straights Times provided video of the incident on its YouTube page: