Last updated: 01:31 PM ET, Thu January 12 2017

Winter Storm Hitting Northeast Could Impact Weekend Travel

Impacting Travel Donald Wood January 12, 2017

Winter Storm Hitting Northeast Could Impact Weekend Travel

PHOTO: A snow-covered road following a winter storm. (Photo via Flickr/PJ Nelson)

A winter storm system moving across the United States is expected to dump snow and ice in the Northeast this weekend, causing travel conditions to be unfavorable.

According to, meteorologists believe the cold air which is moving through the central U.S. will mix with a system full of moisture Friday night and into Saturday. How and when the two weather patterns mix will determine which areas get freezing rain, sleet or snow.

In states such as Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia, temperatures are expected to stay warm enough for rain to occur without the risk of sleet or snow. As for areas north of the region, portions of states such as Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania should expect icy conditions on roads, sidewalks, bridges and overpasses.

In addition to icy conditions, airline delays are possible throughout the impacted regions.

For people who live even farther North, areas including northern and eastern Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey, southern New York and southwest New England are likely to experience periods of snowfall during the weekend.

The snowfall and ice in the area could result in airline delays Saturday at Philadelphia International Airport. New York City and other areas north of Pennsylvania could receive a dusting of snow as well, with delays possible.

“While some areas will receive mostly snow, accumulations will be modest compared to the last winter storm,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Mike Doll said.

Depending on the way the storm moves heading into Friday, the regions impacted by the snow and icy conditions could change. Luckily, cold air is not expected to follow this weekend’s storm, so the wintery conditions are not expected to last into the following work week.