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Israel Tourism Names Eshel as Regional Director-Midwest

People August 22, 2011

Israel Tourism Names Eshel as Regional Director-Midwest

Israel Ministry of Tourism has appointed Omer Eshel as director of the Midwest Regional Office effective Sept. 1, taking over for Uri Steinberg, who will return to Israel after serving as director for the past four years. Eshel will have the responsibility of promoting tourism to Israel in 13 U.S. states. A fourth-generation resident of Moshav Merhavia, the first Jewish community established in Israel’s northern Jezreel Valley, Eshel majored in historical geography and religion at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and earned his bachelor’s degree in 2003.

Before joining the Israel Ministry of Tourism in 2008, Eshel served as the general manager of the Kibbutz Ulpan program, overseeing all kibbutz-based Hebrew language institutes in Israel. He also served as education emissary for the Jewish Agency in Ontario for three years, during which time he was in charge of Israel advocacy programming. In 2008, he was accepted to the highly respected Training Program of the Israel Ministry of Tourism, a course designed to identify and train key individuals to manage the Ministry’s operations and to serve as tourism representatives overseas. After graduation, he oversaw the Ministry of Tourism’s marketing programs for tourism to Israel from Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Russia and Ukraine. Eshel is a former tour guide for Israel’s national parks at Qumran, Megiddo, Beit Shearim and Tzipori, and has contributed to official park guidebooks. He speaks five languages. For information, visit