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Globus Launches ‘Time to Tour’ Campaign Targeting Boomers

Tour Operator | Globus family of brands | David Cogswell | October 19, 2015

Globus Launches ‘Time to Tour’ Campaign Targeting Boomers

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Millennials may be getting all the headlines, but with the Globus family of brands it’s still baby boomers who are ringing the cash registers.

The Globus family of brands just launched a new promotional campaign called Time to Tour based on a series of market research studies of baby boomers, the demographic that constitutes the largest percentage of the company’s markets.

The Globus family of brands already knew that boomers are the vast majority of their market demographic, but some new market research conducted by the company indicates that boomers as a whole are stepping into a new golden age in which travel will be central to their preoccupations far more than at any time in their lives.

“The time to tour campaign started with the customer,” said Steve Born, Globus’ vice president of marketing. “The sharp realization for us today is that those whom we are catering to today... are baby boomers who are entering the magical life stage. Their kids leaving the nest. They are looking at their bank accounts and at each other and saying, ‘Wait a minute. We should do something.’”

What the baby boomers are now delivering is a new version of their parents’ golden years.

“The old version was that there was retirement, and now I can just stop,” said Born. “I’m worn out. I’m just going to stop doing things.”

In the new version of the golden years, baby boomers are acting out a new version of retirement.

“’I’m not stopping anything,’ they are saying,’” said Born. “In fact in most cases these folks are still working. Maybe they’ve been putting off retirement until later, but still at a life stage where they can finally look inward, finally have that ability to think about what they want to do with their time and money. They still may be very active in their professional lives, still very engaged with the kids and everything else going on. But they want to make time for themselves as well. So this campaign is designed to capitalize on that theme and that life stage with these boomers, and bring travel to the forefront.”

Globus did a travelers survey to try to find hard data to back up their observations.

“We wanted to get a sense where travel fits into their priority list,” said Born. “We knew travel would rate well, but we were surprised how strong their preference for travel was. There was real conviction about it.”

Not only do the boomers have the time now and the money to travel, Born said, Globus was surprised the degree of conviction the study revealed.

Travel, they said, is not just “important: to the boomers, it is “critical.”

A whopping 97 percent said they believe that they “deserve” to go on vacation.

There were other preferences that were surprising to Globus.

Asked if they would do anything differently, 47 percent said they would travel more versus 31 percent who said they would spend more time with friends and family.

The survey, said Born, “was painting this picture that now is the time. A lot of people are at that point where they are thinking: ‘I’ve said I’m going to it for years. I’ve dreamt about doing it for years. Now I need to do it.’”

The study asked about travel in general. Globus is taking it to the next step. Given that boomers want to travel more than ever in their lives, touring is the way to do it.

“They’ve spent their adult lives at the service of others, such as their boss and their kids, and it’s now finally time someone else take care of them,” said Born. “Only a tour can do it that way, so they really don’t have to worry about any of the logistics, the how-tos, they can just enjoy, and take advantage of someone else putting all that together for them. It’s really the first time in their lives in decades they’ve had the opportunity to let that happen.”

Globus is giving the campaign an extra push with new lowered prices based on currency fluctuations, and taking on a 10 percent early booking discount.

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