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One Adventure Travel Company, Nine Different Styles

Tour Operator G Adventures Kristina Rundquist September 22, 2016

One Adventure Travel Company, Nine Different Styles

PHOTO: Hiking and climbing in Patagonia. (Courtesy G Adventures and Facebook)

You say tomato, I say tomahto. Everyone does things in their own way and that’s never truer (or more obvious) than when it comes to travel.

Especially adventure travel.

One travel company knows that your love of travel and your idea of adventure might be completely different than the person sitting next to you.

That’s why G Adventures has broken down their offerings into nine travel styles.

Classic. Classic might conjure up images of stuffy tour buses and meals eaten en masse but that couldn’t be farther from this truth. G Adventures has pulled together a host of tours that afford participants the chance to explore a wide variety of destinations with the support of a group with plenty of solo time factored in. Think of this as Group Travel and FIT get married and have kids.

National Geographic Journeys. No matter how you think you like to travel, these journeys are worth a second look. G Adventures partnered with National Geographic to provide an outstanding set of tours that go deep Deep into the destination, its culture and its citizens. Thanks to hands-on experiences, local expert guides and as always, plenty of free time factored in, travelers can immerse themselves in a destination without sacrificing any of the finer amenities they seek.

Active. Be as active as you like, but get ready to move on these tours. Whether it’s trekking in Nepal, hiking the Inca Trail or cycling through France, there’s a lot of ground to cover both literally and figuratively. Best of all? You don’t have to be an Iron Man competitor to join in the fun. G Adventures has tours to fit both beginners and triathletes.

YOLO. You only live once, and you’re only young once, and with G Adventures you can be confident that your travel stories will stand the test of time (and your budget). These affordable packages are specifically designed for travelers 39 and under, offering up lots of action and excitement and lots of opportunities to see and do things with your new BFFs. Ever mindful of thinner wallets, YOLO tours make use of overnight transfers, affordable rooms and fewer included meals.

Marine. As the name implies, these tours are for people who think that if it’s not on the  water, it’s not worth doing. Sailing adventures, river and expedition cruises and more await. And thanks to G Adventures’ fleet of small ships, destinations such as the Poles, the Turquoise Coast, the Galapagos and the Maldives are all within reach.

Family. The way you traveled in your 20s is likely not going to work so well with kids and a spouse coming along for the fun. So G Adventures has created a series of family-friendly trips that appeal to parents and kids alike thanks to fascinating and educational destinations (who says the two don’t mix?!) and enough adventure to satisfy everyone’s wanderlust without making mom worry. What about teens who would rather just pretend they’re traveling solo? G Adventures has that covered, too, with its Teenage Departures.

Rail. Rail travel is considered by many the only civilized way to travel, and with destinations in such far-flung places as North Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and India, you better believe that rail offers the best seats in the house. Not only do you actually see the countryside as you travel from place to place, but you have the added bonus of arriving in the city center at each new stop.

Local Living. See the world from the vantage point of someone who lives there. Whether it’s an Amazonian lodge, a Masai campsite or a farmhouse in Tuscany you’ll live like the locals, eat like the locals and do as locals do. Dorothy had no idea what she was talking about when she said, “There’s no place like home.”

Private Groups. Groups of four or more can work with G Adventures to create an itinerary just for them, whether it’s choosing from pre-set itineraries to hundreds of points throughout the world or customizing an itinerary with upgrades, added days and the like.

One company, nine travel styles, endless possibilities … because exploration is always in style.