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Tour Operators: No Effect from New York and Jersey Bombing Incidents

Tour Operator | David Cogswell | September 19, 2016

Tour Operators: No Effect from New York and Jersey Bombing Incidents

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Out of roughly 50 tour operators and wholesalers queried by TravelPulse on Monday morning, no one has yet reported any effect on booking from the bombing incidents over the weekend in New York and New Jersey.

Some have added to their denials the caveat that it is too soon to make a judgment, but if the damage had been severe, it would have been soon enough to know. It is only too easy to remember past incidents when harassed tour operators cried out in a virtual chorus that “the phone was ringing off the wall.”

Not this sleepy Monday morning — the tour operator segment responded to the questions with a big collective yawn.

“Frankly too early to tell,” said Dan Austin, president of Austin Adventures. “But we don’t expect anything. In fact, I was thinking that it is all the more reason to head out on a rural vacation…get away from the big cities (targets).”

Bob Drumm, president of Alexander + Roberts, said it was too early to comment, and that although the election seems to be having a dampening effect on the mood of travelers, no separate effect from the bombings could be discerned

Drumm praised the excellent police work in the investigations of the bombings, which has probably helped to keep fear from blowing out of proportion.  

The world and the travel marketplace continue to evolve and change. At this date, it seems to take more than this series of incidents to scare travelers into staying home.

“No effect as of yet on our side,” said Ashish Sanghrajka, president of Big Five Tours and Expeditions. “The election is still taking center stage. That being said, one thing that we have noticed is an uneasy acceptance that this is happening on our soil and also across Europe. Historically, these kinds of events are relegated to certain geographical quadrants. However, they are now random in both timing and location. This is once again a new reality. Our world is evolving, both good and evil parts, and our reality evolves with that.”

Elizabeth Crabill, president CIE Tours reported “no negative effect from the New York explosion, no cancellations, and in fact our call volume is very busy today due to some current promotions. We do not expect that this weekend’s attack will affect our customers’ desire to travel.”

Crabill also offered high praises for the work of the NYPD.

“As a local resident who lives 10 blocks from the explosion, I can attest that other than some street closures and traffic slowdown, the police did a masterful job getting people cleared out of harm’s way, and turned a potentially chaotic situation into calm and order,” said Crabill. “By Sunday morning, neighbors were back out walking their dogs and picking up coffee and bagels as usual. We were lucky that the injuries were not for the most part life-threatening and property damage was minimal. It appears the criminal and his accomplices were not very good at what they were trying to do. Our city agencies were clearly better at handling it than the perpetrators were at executing an attack.”

When a bombing, shooting or natural disaster takes place anywhere in the world and the phone is not ringing off the wall, that is a good day for tour operators.


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