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Does the Travel Industry Need Fixing?

Travel Agent Janeen Christoff November 30, 2016

Does the Travel Industry Need Fixing?

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Columnist Christopher Elliott says in one of his latest columns for USA Today that the travel industry needs fixing — and now. 

“Make no mistake, the industry is broken. Badly. More than 17% of respondents to a new Aspect Software survey said they'd stopped doing business with a travel company in 2016 because of poor customer service, a 45% increase from last year,” Elliott writes. 

Some of the ways in which the industry is broken include ridiculous fees, which need to be eliminated, Elliott says. 

“There seems to be no escape from the fees and surcharges. Though some are technically avoidable, most are not. Travel companies used to apologize for them, but recently, as the profits began to pour in, they've gone silent,” he notes. 

Elliott also thinks that “status” needs to go. 

“If you think the division of the classes is un-American, try flying. The cabin is clearly and unapologetically divided between haves and have-nots,” he writes. 

Elliott suggests getting rid of the system all together. 

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“Maybe it's time to scrap the loyalty programs that efficiently separate the elite customers from the rest,” he says. 

He also tells travel companies that they should keep their word. 

“It seems so simple: Quote a rate, and that's what you charge. No "resort" fee, no extras, no surprises,” says Elliott. 

For more ways in which the travel industry could use improvement and for Elliott’s suggestions on how to fix these issues, read on here